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An Interview with SAD Magazine

Recently, I was lucky enough to be interviewed in the prestigious SAD Magazine regarding my new show at The Creek and The Cave, "War on Sadness". They were very nice, if a little bit down in the dumps. Check out the cover and the full interview below! 

Brooklyn-based comedian Seth Cockfield has a new show debuting tonight at The Creek and The Cave, and the idea behind it definitely created a buzz here at SAD. It’s called “The War on Sadness”, a show that proposes to “end sadness worldwide as we know it”. We caught up with the happiness warrior and asked him about it.

SAD Magazine: Hello, Seth, thanks for making time for us today.

Seth: It’s my pleasure, thanks for having me. 

SM: When I heard about your new show, I gotta admit, I got excited, but definitely skeptical. What is the true purpose of the show?

Seth: To end sadness worldwide.

SM: Really? Do you think your show can make people happy? Are you sure you know what you’re getting into here? The world is a very big, very sad place. 

Seth: I think I have a pretty good shot. 

SM: So what kind of show is it?

Seth: Stand-up, sketch, multimedia. The key is to cheer the audience up, make sure they leave happier than when they arrived.

SM: There literally have been millions of comedy shows before this one, and people are sadder than ever. How will your show be different? 

Seth: Well, I’m not sure any other comedy show has set out to do what we're doing. 

SM: I guess not. Now, what channel will the show air? 

Seth: No, it’s just a live show. The second Tuesday of every month.

SM: admit it will have a limited reach.

Seth: I don’t believe in limits. 

SM: That sounds both noble and incredibly stupid.

Seth: That’s the same thing they said to Ghandi. 

SM: Well, good luck with your show, Seth. I hope you win, I mean it. 

Seth: Thanks, I intend to.

The War on Sadness debuts tonight, and will recur the second Tuesday of every month at The Creek and The Cave in Long Island City, Queens, 10pm. 

Check out this promotional video I made for it as well!