Seth Cockfield

comedian | Brooklyn, NY

Welcome to the website of stand-up comedian Seth Cockfield.


You probably have never heard of Seth, but he's been around the block a few times. When he's not doing comedy, he's busy walking around the block. "It's good exercise", he says. How big is this block, exactly? "Heh, tough to say. I guess it's pretty big", he remarks as he wipes the sweat off his face (it was very hot outside). 

Seth is a comedian living in Brooklyn, NY. He's a regular headliner at the world famous Velveeta Room in Austin, TX. He's appeared at the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, Hell Yes Fest in New Orleans, and  Fun Fun Fun Fest. Most recently, he was a featured comic in the Week at the Creek series at the Creek and the Cave, in Long Island City.

His debut comedy album, I Still Worship Satan", is available now on Sure Thing Records.


Photographer: Erin Beth Donnelly

New York, NY